Proper packaging is the basic foundation


For safe shipping please follow these simple packaging rules shown bellow. Proper packing means that no one can access and damage the items inside the package. Packing must also protect the environment from the danger created by its contents or the packing materials themselves.
All properly prepared parcels must have external packaging (corrugated cardboard or wooden box, paper envelope, plastic envelope or corrugated cardboard shell). Please note that items wrapped only in packaging film are not considered as packed properly.

The parcel content always must be filled with fixation materials, so that none of goods inside can move and the parcel could hold other parcel weight. As fixation materials can be used bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard, cotton, wool, special fixing foam, which is sprayed between the box and the goods .


Cardboard box is needed to be sealed with tape or other fixing material all around. We recommend to seal the tape at least at three places.

If liquids are sent in cisterns or other special containers, make sure that the container have  protecting plugs- that is, the plugs could not be removed without taking off the protections.  Also, make sure to pack the material should be wrapped in a protective film.

If you send palletized deliveries then shipments on the pallet mus be arranged so that on the top of it, if needed, can be placed other items and the content on the pallet should not go over  the edges of the pallet.

Sending non-standard shipments, for example bicycle, it should be put in a box, dismantled.

All shipments always must be marked with the shipper and the recipient's data: name, surname / company name, address with zip code and contact telephone number. For partners who are having their own labels all shipments must be marked with these labels. Shipment markings/labels must be in good quality, legible. The shipment should not have old shipping labels on it.